Wolverhampton nicknames

The most common nickname for Wolverhampton is “wolves.” It has a reference to the emblem of the city with the image of a wolf, which later appeared on the emblem of the club itself. The team is also called “vagabonds” because this is how the word Wanderers is translated. This nickname has gained widespread popularity among Wolverhampton fans.

However, this is not all. The most interesting nickname for the team is “old gold”. The fact is that the city’s motto “light comes out of the dark” is reflected in the main form of the club, where the role of light is played by gold, and darkness is symbolized by black stripes. This combination resembles the shade of old faded gold that fans have noticed over time, having come up with a third nickname for Wolverhampton.

The early years of Wolverhampton and the early successes of the team

Shortly after their formation, the “wolves” received the status of a professional football club in 1888. In their debut season, Wolverhampton won the bronze medals in the championship, which was the team’s best achievement in the national championship before relegation from the top flight in 1906.

In addition, at the end of the 19th century, the “vagabonds” have been to the FA Cup finals three times, one of which ended in winning the trophy.

“Golden period” in the history of Wolverhampton

  • After relegation from the top league, the Wolves were stuck in the lower divisions of England for 27 years.
  • However, in 1932, Wolverhampton again joined the elite of Foggy Albion and this time did not leave the First Division until 1965.

Wolverhampton’s loudest transfers

After returning to the Premier League in 2018, the management of the “wolves” does not skimp on transfers and devotes decent amounts to strengthening the squad. An 18-year-old Porto striker Fabio Silva, for whom Wolverhampton paid a compensation of 40 million euros, was a record acquisition in club history. Benfica striker Raul Jimenez cost two million less for the “vagabonds”, and Barcelona right-back Nelson Semedo (30 million) closes the top three most expensive incoming transfers of the club.

In terms of sales, the Wanderers made good money with the transfer of winger Diogo Jota in the 2020/21 summer offseason, for which Liverpool paid $ 44.7 million, although the Wolves got the footballer for $ 14 million. 20 million, the club did not have.

Wolverhampton home kit 20/21

Wolverhampton’s new 2020-2021 home jersey is orange with black sleeves and a black collar. Newly shaped cuffs are wide and painted orange. The pattern on the form repeats the pattern from the 2018 template.

Wolverhampton home kit

Wolverhampton away kit 20/21

Wolverhampton’s new 20/21 away jersey is predominantly white with a standard blue pattern on the front. The collar and shoulder stripes are black and the cuffs are black and orange.

Wolverhampton away kit

Will we see the wolves in the Champions League?

“Wolverhampton” has six matches left, all against direct competitors and middle peasants. Arsenal, Sheffield United, Everton, Burnley, Crystal Palace and Chelsea are not the most enviable calendar. Especially when you consider that the “wolves” have no room for error, in contrast to the teams ahead of them. However, Wolverhamton have already proven that they are capable of dealing with any opponent.

Wolverhampton topped the Portuguese again, big bets from the bookmakers.

The new coach of the English “Wolverhampton” is the Portuguese Bruno Lage. He took over the team following the departure of his compatriot Nuno Espirito Santo.

Recall that in January 2019 Bruno Lage was appointed acting head coach of the main team of Benfica, replacing the dismissed Rui Vitoria. He was then appointed full-time head coach of the club. The specialist won the league title and the Portuguese Super Cup with Benfica.

We add that with Nuno Espirito Santo, the “wolves” in the first season left the Championship in the Premier League, where they immediately managed to gain a foothold. In the ended season of the Premier League “Wolverhampton” with 45 points took 13th place, after which the coach said goodbye to the team. Another member of the English championship, Crystal Palace, has become Santa’s new club.

English Premier League: tournament winner predictions

Bookmakers consider Manchester City to be the main favorite of the championship. Pep Guardiola’s team won last season and also made it to the Champions League final. In the summer, the club is actively strengthening the offensive line, so that the team’s championship ambitions are only intensifying. The coefficient for their championship is 1.26.

Premier League predictions and bets

Following Guardiola’s team are Chelsea and Liverpool. After winning the Champions League, Chelsea is strengthening the squad, and the first full-fledged pre-season training camp under the leadership of Thomas Tuchel should provide the team with a more stable game pattern. Liverpool has strengthened its defensive line, and also waited for the recovery of Van Dyck, one of the most important players on the team. Last season, it was the Dutchman’s injury that influenced the results of Jurgen Klopp’s team. Both Chelsea and Liverpool have the same odds – 2.5.

The next top 4 candidate is Manchester United. Bookmakers give 3 odds on their championship. Summer buffs should allow Solskjaer to build a combat-ready collective. The result may be affected by the beginning of the season – defenders Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw reached the final of the European Championship and their form at the beginning of the championship may be too bad. If the “red devils” are able to get through the start of the season without major losses, then they have a chance to compete for the title. They also put in the top 10 that Wolves will enter. A progressive young team can clearly count on top 10 spots.